Drill It Kill It

Drill It Kill It

Client-Side application in React & Redux with a Rails API Backend

Project Type: school

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Project Demo

Project Requirements

  • The code should be written in ES6 as much as possible
  • Use the create-react-app generator to start your project
  • App should have one HTML page to render your react-redux application
  • There should be 2 container components
  • There should be 5 stateless components
  • There should be 3 routes
  • The Application must make use of react-router and proper RESTful routing
  • Use Redux middleware to respond to and modify state change
  • Make use of async actions to send data to and receive data from a server
  • Rails API should handle the data persistence. Should be using fetch() within actions to GET and POST data from the API,do not use jQuery methods.
  • Client-side application should handle the display of data with minimal data manipulation
  • Application should have some minimal styling

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